The Gnoll Credo by J. Stanton


I try my hardest never to describe something as “life-changing” because it is an overstatement that is also overused. When I finished reading The Gnoll Credo and recommended it to a peer, I caught myself telling him that it was “life-changing.” A work of fiction that was written by pioneer of the Paleo community J. Stanton, it tells the story a man who gets to know a certain member of a species of anthropomorphic hyenas, known as Gnolls. This gnoll, named Gryka, teaches him about the Gnolls’ way of living, and he learns valuable lessons about life that humans have forgotten as time and technology has advanced. This book gave me a lot to think about, influenced my interest in Taoism and can be described simply by using the following two words – read it.

Click the picture above to check the book out on Amazon.


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